[ENG] Quest - Chapter IV

In the previous chapter:
Billy explained to the elves what had happened in the forest.
He told about how the bandits deceived him.
In exchange for help in defending the holy forest and the golem, the elves rewarded Billy with a sword holder thanks to which he can now carry a weapon on his back.
They asked him where he was going.
The boy replied that he is going to the kingdom, and the Elves helped him get to the bridge, which was guarded by orcs.
After the fight with the orcs, Billy went alone to the nearest village.
When he got there, he noticed that there was a quest board in the village, but it was already dark and the boy was tired.
He knocked on the door of the nearest hut, but the host refused to trim him for the night due to lack of space in the house.
Billy did not give up and knocked on the next door, where the white-headed and white-bearded old man appeared, who agreed to receive Billy for the night.