[ENG] Quest - Chapter V

In the previous chapter:
Billy walked at the morning to the quest board.
There he found information from the royal guard about monsters that appear at night and a letter that is a pass to the kingdom.
Then he accepted his first quest, which was commissioned by Maghnus.
Billy completed the quest and in return received an award and another quest from Maghnus.
After completing the quest, Maghnus told Billy to come back later because he was preparing the potion.
In the meantime, while Billy was still resting at the water, Maghnus met his student Scarlet, who returned from the last Maghnus test.
She was given the elixir of life for her quest.
Billy came back and met with Maghnus, who introduced him to Scarlet.
He said that she was his student.
They were both going to the kingdom, so Scarlet joined the team.
Billy learned from Scarlet is a wizard and Maghnus taught her magic.


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