[ENG] Quest - Chapter VI

In the previous chapter:
Billy and Scarlet failed to reach the village before night.
Scarlet used magic to set the torch on fire.
On their way, the heroes met a group of Skeletons with whom they fought.
After a fierce battle and a bit of magic, they managed to defeat their enemies.
After defeating the skeletons, the Wraith appeared unexpectedly and attacked Billy.
Scarlet's magic didn't work because it was too weak.
Our heroine used magic to change the form of her wand and turn it into a sword.
The fight was hard and Billy suffered, but eventually they managed to defeat the Wraith and reached the village.
It turned out that there were Skeletons in the village.
Fortunately, our heroes exhausted from travel did not have to fight them.
The fight against monsters was by the Royal Guard, commanded by Janusz.
Billy and Scarlet found out that there were quests to be done in the village.
The guard said it would defend the village and that Billy and Scarlet should rest.
In the morning Billy headed for the quest board, where Scarlet was waiting for him.
They chose a mysterious quest, which was commissioned by Yuri the blacksmith ...